Because being playful is the solution to
personal and societal stress.
Because being playful is the solution to
personal and societal stress.

What is School for Ninja?

School for Ninja is a training program that helps you rediscover how to live playfully. 

Our applied game will guide you in your journey to gain back the self-controls over playful learning.

Do you experience being stuck in unhealthy or negative patterns? As Ninja you will take a look at the world through different eyes and position yourself in such way that you will be able to break through these existing patterns.

Training assignments come as quests and can be found in the School for Ninja game.
These quests are based on: science about psychology and play, change methodology Theory U and they are designed by game designers, lifestyle coaches, therapists and experiential experts.

You can play the game at your own pace. On average users spend several minutes a week, over the course of a few months, on training. You complete the game by performing quests in your daily life and reporting on it as your Ninja-selfinside the game. You can choose whether you would like to share your experiences with other Ninja, with your coach or to keep them private.

The objective of the game? Nothing but playing itself. We believe that playing is the key to getting a grip on stress. You can read more about this below.

Why play?

“Stress is the feeling you have when you have to adapt to something that threatens to exceed your adaptability.”
– Professor Witte Hoogendijk

Stress therefore has everything to do with adaptability. We humans learn naturally about our adaptability by playing. When playing, we are on a voyage of discovery and experience our powers, boundaries and place in society.

The problem is that as we grow up, we tend to lose sight of our playfulness and natural adaptability. We surrender to the rules of the systems in which we live and forget that we ourselves are the ones who have designed these ‘rules’.

This did not use to be such a problem. In a world that did not change so rapidly, a relatively short period of play during our “youth”, provided us with sufficient information to base choices on for the rest of our lives.

Now, in a world that is constantly changing, such a short period of play is no longer enough. We can no longer just build on the discovery phase of our childhood, we must continue to experiment. Which changes do we want and which changes we cannot adapt to? Which rules and patterns are appropriate and which are not?

How it works

School for Ninja teaches you to live playfully again. By playfully we do not mean fleeing in a dopamine-triggering mini-game, but having a playful take on life.

Playing is not just an occupation, but most of all a mindset.
Experiment with a curious eye; look beyond your habits.

We are going to play with rules.
The (unwritten) rules from society and the rules we impose on ourselves …
in order to get a grip on personal and societal stress.


Through the app you explore the Ninja world and the personalised assignments for you.

Live playfully

Perform assignments in your daily life. Possibly with the help of a coach.


Describe your experiences in a story, to read back later or to share with other Ninja in the game.


The School for Ninja team shares its knowledge through workshops. Will you also share your insights with loved ones?

Through pilots team School for Ninja works  on the validation of the School for Ninja training.

During one of these pilots we received this nice feedback:

Thanks to School for Ninja, I was able to stay close to myself when considering a new job. - Ninja Helpful Rain

Do you want to know more about what School for Ninja does and who we are?

By players for players

School for Ninja was founded and designed by burn-out experience experts. Our main goal is to empower people with stress. Therefore, it is our number one priority to ensure that our players feel safe in School for Ninja. To live up to this priority, we take the following measures:

♠ Players use an anonymous avatar and Ninja name
♣ Players can always choose who can see which own made content
♦ According to GDPR
♥ We conduct pilots in which we keep data under our own management and intend to set up a non-profit foundation in which we store the player data.